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Trade Marks
A Trade Mark is a visual symbol in the form of a word , a device ,or a label applied to articles of commerce with a view to indicate to the purchasing public that is a good manufactured or other wise dealt in by a particular person as distinguished from similar goods dealt or manufacture by other persons.

The trademark you have is quite significant and acts in performing an important role in bringing in the best for your brand or business.Lots of company have trademarks which carries a brand value which is worth millions in the business world. Inorder to protect your trademark you must register it at the earliest. Your trademark can be registered under the Trademarks Act of 1999. By registering your trademark, it will ensure the trademark's legal prospectus compared to the other registrations like domain and company/LLP names with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Inroder to get complete authority over your trademark with legal rights your trade mark has to be registered at the earliest. Your trademark has to be registered for protecting your brand name and brand value which you have earned out of your marketing and advertising efforts and to avoid third party interferences and manipulation of your invaluable product or service industry's goodwill.

Regsitration of your Trademark will help in reducing the undue risk the same or identical brand names being duplicated/imitated or divided either by other people or by your competitors. By registering your trademark it also avoids the risk of being taken to expensive legal procedures by another brand that might end up in hefty compensations and unexpected losses. signsandmarks have got years of proffessional experience in registering trademarks for many companies and products to help in protecting their brand name and reputation.

Trademarks is supposed to deal with the precise nature of the rights which a person can a acquire in respect of a TM-The mode of acquisition of such rights -the method of transfer of those rights to others-the precise nature of infringement of such rights-and the remedies available in respect thereof.

Trademark Registration
If you are running a business it is quite evident that your business will be having a name and may be a logo / business identity. What will happen if someone is using your brand name or trademark for running same kind of business you are running and you have not yet registered your trademark? If that situation arises you will lose the reputationn and brand value of your business and it will be gained by someone else who is using your brandname. It is quite evident that your brand name and trademark has to be protected by registering it at the earliest under Trademarks Act, 1999. If other competitors in the market do the same business with similar names you will be able to initiate legal proceedings against such offenders who will be liable to pay you damages by way of compensation. Trademark is actually an intellectual property and the registration of trademark or brand names is quite different from other types of registations related to a business. Register your trademark and keep exclusive rights of your busineess with you.

We offer professional trademark registering service which is the best in today´s business world. Contact us by sending a mail to us or call us to get a competitive quote.
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